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3 Apps Breaking Down Barriers for Women in the Workplace

3 Apps Breaking Down Barriers for Women in the Workplace


Workplace diversity, or a lack thereof, is an issue that many companies struggle with. Women in technical or leadership roles, in particular, are far outnumbered by their male counterparts in most companies. Solving this issue requires employers to make a major shift in how they recruit, hire, support, and promote women.

Fortunately, employers striving to create a more diverse workplace have a variety of tools at their disposal. There are digital tools designed to make companies more aware of their workforce diversity, educate employees and leadership, and to help attract female candidates. Not only are there tools created for employers, but there are also several apps designed for professional women to help them navigate workplace diversity issues or simply be more successful at work.


Let’s explore three diversity-centric apps that are tailored to women in the workplace:

1.Work Wide Women is an Italian-based startup created to help women acquire skills in technical fields like web development and digital technologies. Work Wide Women offers a subscription-based social learning platform that aims to reduce unemployment and increase diversity in fields and industries where women are traditionally underrepresented. After the training or coursework has been completed, the platform helps match women with newly acquired skills with employers who are hiring. The app also contains a networking feature where women can search for other women in their geographic area with the same skills or working in the same industry. Using the app women can connect and send messages to grow their professional network.


2.Adalab is a Spanish-based company that helps unemployed or underemployed women learn programming skills. Their goal is to increase diversity in the tech sector, provide women with employable skills, and reduce the rate of unemployed women. Adalab’s program includes technical training and workplace readiness preparation. Women not only leave the program with technical skills, but they also receive training on the soft skills necessary to excel in the workplace. Additionally, Adalab helps women find employment that is a good match for their newly acquired skills.  Women enrolled in the program can also receive support from other women through the social networking portion of the app.


3. PowerToFly is a New York-based startup that aims to connect companies with women who want to work for companies that prioritize diversity. PowerToFly focuses on Fortune 500 companies and growing startups and gives them sourcing tools, job ads, and employer branding services that can help them reach women working in the tech sector. Women can find a lot of valuable resources on PowerToFly including live chat sessions and videos on a variety of educational topics including mentorship, job searching, career coaching, and personal branding. There are also career advice sessions with women engineering leaders, in-person networking events, and one-on-one career coaching. PowerToFly’s job board highlights companies that invest in diversity and inclusion and includes a variety of jobs in different fields and locations around the United States.


Work Wide Women, Adalab, and PowerToFly are all excellent resources that women can add to their toolkit whether they’re facing challenges with diversity and inclusion at work, or if they just want to connect with other women to network and learn.