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Soozy Miller Career and Corporate Services

Soozy G. Miller, CPRW, CDCC, CDP is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), a Certified Communication & Behavioral Consultant (CDCC), a Certified DISC Practitioner (CDP), a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC), and a recruiter. 
Soozy coaches executives to control their career. Executives come to Soozy because they feel stuck or they want to move on to their next opportunity. Soozy coaches them to reject 90% of job offers so their job search is shorter and more effective. She gives clients their Personal Power Language and she helps them to defy ageism in job applications. The job search materials are designed to make the best first impression, even for "cold" online applications. Soozy is an expert on hiring software, the hiring lifecycle, and what companies want to see from executive leadership. 





  • Resume Review Email: A written resume evaluation
  • Resume Review Conversation: A phone or video call to review and talk about your resume and your career needs
  • LinkedIn Review Email: A written LinkedIn evaluation
  • LinkedIn Review Conversation: A phone or video call to review and talk about your LinkedIn profile and your career needs
  • Cover Letter Review Email: A written cover letter evaluation
  • Cover Letter Review Conversation: A phone or video call to review and talk about your cover letter
  • Resume Writing: Optimize your format, demonstrate your expertise and value-add, and show that your skills are a match for the job.
  • LinkedIn Writing (Headline, About, Experience): Brand your expertise and value-add so you get noticed by companies for the types of positions that suit you—at the salary that you deserve.
  • Cover Letter Writing: Not all applications call for a cover letter, but when one does, make sure your template and content are optimal.
  • Executive/Professional Bio: An executive/professional bio that highlights your accomplishments and value-add, not simply your experience.
  • Networking/Greatest Hits One-Sheet: A one-sheet document that highlights your unique skills, accomplishments, and your goal companies.
  • Leadership, communication & soft skills assessment (DISC): informs all job search materials and improves interview experiences. Be a better employee/leader at your next job.
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