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Start Your 2024 Job Search with these Diversity Career Fairs

Start Your 2024 Job Search with these Diversity Career Fairs

By Marion Davis

Putting your best foot forward is complemented by moving in the right direction. For diverse job seekers, that right direction can often consist of visiting diversity job fairs where employers prioritize the value of onboarding a workforce consisting of a variety of backgrounds. 

What Are Diversity Job Fairs?

As diversity becomes a more important aspect of the hiring process, employers have tasked recruiters with acquiring diverse talent and the structure of the traditional job fair has followed suit.

Just as Glassdoor has created a section where companies have transparent diversity and inclusion ratings, diversity job fairs give minority candidates an opportunity to review diversity numbers at potential companies and to ask questions about how diverse members of a company will be supported. For instance, a candidate could ask about the presence of employee resource groups (ERGs) at the company for disabled employees. 

Diversity Job Fair Locations in 2024

As the world rings in 2024, for those on the hunt for a new job at a company where diversity is more likely to be valued and supported, these candidates can browse diversity job fairs–both virtual and in-person.

Below is a list of several upcoming diversity job fairs for 20 top cities in the US that includes information on the city’s focus in its economy. As it is still early in the year, new diversity career fairs may pop up in the meantime and later on in the year. The list provided below contains a select number of events. Several of the organizations hyperlinked have repeat events throughout the year, such as DiversityX.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has a booming tech industry, diverse economy, and major trade show center.

Austin, TX

Austin is a rapidly growing tech hub with a vibrant startup scene and numerous career fairs throughout the year.

Boston, MA

Boston has renowned universities that fuel innovation, strong biotech and finance sectors, and frequent career events focused on various industries.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte has a growing financial center, major transportation hub, and active job fair scene for diverse industries.

Chicago, IL

Chicago is a bustling metropolis with a major financial and IT center and is host to large-scale career expos covering various fields.

Dallas, TX

Dallas has strong professional services, healthcare, and energy sectors and attracts numerous job fairs with a regional focus.

Denver, CO

Denver has a thriving tech and outdoor recreation industries, growing job market, and regular career events for diverse sectors.

Houston, TX

Houston is the energy capital of the US, has a major medical center, and is host to many industry-specific and general career fairs.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is an entertainment and tech powerhouse, boasts a diverse economy, and has frequent job fairs catering to various industries.

Miami, FL

Miami is an international business hub, growing tech scene, and host to job fairs attracting talent from across the Americas.

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis has strong healthcare and manufacturing sectors, an innovative workforce, and regular career events for diverse fields.

Nashville, TN

Nashville is a music city boomtown, has growing healthcare and IT industries, and hosts frequent job fairs attracting young professionals.

New York City, NY

New York City has a global financial and cultural center, diverse economy, and numerous career events for nearly every industry.

Orlando, FL

Orlando is a tourism and hospitality hub, has a growing tech scene, and hosts frequent job fairs attracting talent from across the Southeast.

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia has growing tech and healthcare sectors, a vibrant startup scene, and regular career events for diverse industries.

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix has booming aerospace and healthcare industries and regular job fairs for diverse sectors.

Portland, OR

Portland is a green economy leader, has strong tech and healthcare sectors, and hosts frequent career events focused on sustainability and innovation.

San Diego, CA

San Diego is a biotech and defense industry hub and has regular job fairs for diverse sectors.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is a tech mecca, venture capital hub, and host to numerous career events for tech and related industries.

Seattle, WA

Seattle is an aerospace and tech powerhouse, demonstrates an innovative culture across major companies, and hosts frequent career events for diverse sectors.

Final Thoughts

As we stand at the beginning of 2024, we glimpse a new year brimming with possibilities. The list of events you just scrolled through is a roadmap to opportunity. Every diverse career fair listed, every city highlighted, is a beacon beckoning you towards a workplace that values your unique perspective and celebrates your skills. Attending any of these events could unlock a hidden network of connections, spark unexpected conversations, and land you face-to-face with your dream opportunity.

Polish your resume, practice your elevator pitch, and get ready to step into the spotlight. The stage is set, and the job of your dreams awaits. Embrace the power of these fairs. Leverage them to your advantage. 

In 2024, it's not just your resume that stands out. It's your voice, your story, and your unwavering determination to thrive in a world that recognizes the richness of diversity. 

Make 2024 your year. 


Marion Davis is a contributing writer at She is a disabled DEIA consultant and writes on the value of diversity and inclusion across multiple industries, specifically as relates to disability and intersectionality.