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Quick Tips on What to Consider in Searching for Your Next Job

Quick Tips on What to Consider in Searching for Your Next Job

By EmployDiversity

Update your resume

When applying for a new job, update your resume, cover letter and professional networking information. Add your latest work history and any new skills you acquired. Updating this information will give hiring managers a complete idea of your most recent experience

Things to keep in mind when updating your resume and cover letter: 

  • Customize your cover letter for each application

Get the hiring manager’s attention fast. The first paragraph of your cover letter should tell the manager that you possess the skill set they are looking for and that you can contribute to the company’s growth  

  • Customize your resume for each application 

Adjust your resume to match it to the job requirements. This will help your resume pass through the applicant tracking systems used by companies when screening resumes for a specific position 

  • Be selective about the experience you include on your resume 

Sometimes less is more. It is not recommended to list all your experience on your resume. Only list experience required by the job you are applying for. Too much information may disqualify you for a specific position if your resume shows too many years of experience for a specific position 

  • Include other activities on your resume to fill gaps 

If you have been unemployed for a while, you do not want your resume to reflect long periods of no activity. Bolster your resume with other activities that you were busy with, such as part-time work, projects or volunteer work 

Use your network (people you know)

  • Let people in your network know that you are looking for a new job 
  • People in your network can help you by connecting you with hiring managers that may be hiring
  • Obtain recommendations from key people. For example, a manager or friend that works in the company or department you are considering, can put you directly in front of the hiring manager 

Use multiple ways to search for jobs

There are multiple ways to search for open jobs including online general and niche job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed and employdiversity, newspapers, personal connections, and virtual job fairs. 

Use the advanced search options on job boards

This option includes searching by location, job title, company, and date posted. Before starting your job search, decide on a few keywords that fit your work experience, skills and desired job duties. 

Don't apply for every job you find

Instead apply for jobs that fit your skill set and experience. Also, keep in mind the company’s goals and values and make sure you share them.  

Focus on jobs that:

Have growth potential on both career and compensation.