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Featured Resumes are Here!

Featured Resumes are Here!

Part of being a good job seeker in 2024 is maximizing your opportunities to be seen by employers. As the resume database on EmployDiversity grows larger, it can be harder to stand out. But now we have a solution for that.

Now you can choose to FEATURE your resume for a small fee. Featuring your resume does two things. First, it highlights the entry in search results and secondly, it places your resume at the TOP of non featured resumes. (see example above) Employers will be much more likely to see you when they are searching for talent.

Job seekers can still use the site for free and post a resume at no cost. But now you can choose to feature your resume on a monthly basis for $5/month or just $10 for 60 days. Its a simple inexpensive way to ensure your resume rises to the top.

When job seekers join the site and click the "Create New Resume" button on their dashboard they'll have 3 options to choose from. The featured version also allow you to store multiple versions of your resume.

We hope you find this feature useful as you continue your job hunt. The monthly option will charge your card 5 dollars each month and you can cancel anytime. The $10 option is a one time charge.