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Featured Employers: U.S. Steel Issues Annual DE&I Report

Featured Employers: U.S. Steel Issues Annual DE&I Report

Each year many large corporations issue what is know as a DE&I report for shareholders. The latest to do so is U.S. Steel which has released their 3rd such report (below).

A company DE&I report, which stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion report, serves a few key purposes:

Transparency and Accountability: The main purpose is to be transparent about a company's efforts to build a diverse and inclusive workplace. It shares goals, progress made, and even areas where the company is falling short. This transparency allows stakeholders, like employees, investors, and customers, to hold the company accountable for its DE&I commitments.

Building Trust: By openly sharing their DE&I journey, a company can build trust with stakeholders. This shows a genuine commitment to creating a fair and inclusive environment for everyone.

Benchmarking and Improvement: DE&I reports are often used internally to track progress over time. By reviewing past reports, a company can see what's working, what's not, and identify areas where they need to improve their DE&I strategy.

Attracting Talent: In today's job market, talented individuals often look for companies that prioritize DE&I. A strong DE&I report can be a selling point for attracting a diverse pool of qualified candidates.

Staying Competitive: There's a growing body of research that shows companies with strong DE&I practices outperform their competitors. DE&I reports can be a way for a company to demonstrate their commitment to this area, which can be a competitive advantage.

Overall, a DE&I report is a way for a company to communicate its commitment to creating a workplace that's fair, equitable, and inclusive for everyone.

The U.S. Steel Report details several first-of-their-kind initiatives the company launched in 2023, demonstrating the importance of DE&I to the company’s business strategy, including their first-ever, enterprise-wide, “Your Voice: One U. S. Steel” all-employee survey that solicited input, tracked sentiment, and provided a forum in which everyone’s voice could be heard.

U. S. Steel also launched their inaugural “Advancing Women in Steel” development program, bolstering the company’s commitment to increasing the number of women leaders in Senior Manager-and-above positions. Additionally, David B. Burritt, President and Chief Executive Officer for U. S. Steel, became the only global steel company CEO to sign the Disability:IN CEO Letter on Disability Inclusion, joining an exclusive list of 165 CEOs across all business sectors.

“U. S. Steel’s third annual DE&I Report reflects our relentless, companywide commitment to upholding the dignity of every employee and reflects the great strides we have made in building a culture of inclusion and belonging,” said Burritt.

“Driven by the firm conviction that diversity, equity, and inclusion enhance our ability to provide better solutions for each other and our stakeholders, while also strengthening our business, DE&I remains a key component of U. S. Steel’s corporate strategy,” said Mona Dine, Chief Diversity Officer & General Manager, Corporate Human Resources.

“Recruiting, hiring, and promoting a diverse, inclusive workforce is critical to driving business outcomes that best serve our employees, customers, and communities. Our third DE&I Report speaks about the notable milestones we reached this past year as we continued pursuing our ambitious DE&I strategy,” said Mike Williams, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer.

U. S. Steel believes that a diverse, talented, and engaged workforce performing at high levels in inclusive, collaborative workplaces is paramount to achieving its broader goals. Over the past year, U. S. Steel received several third-party workplace honors, including being named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies® by Ethisphere, earning a top score of 100 on the Disability Equality Index, and scoring a perfect 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index.

To view the full DE&I Report, click here. The company is also hiring in a variety of fields which you can find here.