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Project Associate

$43,098 - $46,500 yearly
  • Great Schools Partnership
  • Portland, ME, USA
  • Oct 16, 2023
Full time Admin-Clerical Communications Customer Service Education Nonprofit-Social Services

Job Description

About the Partnership

We are a dedicated and dynamic group of individuals who have joined together to create a more equitable and just education system in the United States. Located in downtown Portland, Maine, Great Schools Partnership staff work on a variety of small and large-scale educational projects throughout Maine, New England, and the country. Working with educators, administrators, state agencies, community members, parents, and business leaders, we look to create schools where students own their learning, engage in deep work, and prepare themselves for their futures. We believe that each of us needs to be empowered to be creative, take initiative, think outside the box, work collaboratively, and assume leadership roles in the organization. For more detailed information about the Partnership and its work, visit


Our Commitment to Diversity

At the Great Schools Partnership (GSP), we believe our organization should reflect the communities in which we work. We believe diversity makes us stronger. Diversity of race. Of ethnicity. Of language. Of ability. Of gender. Of all the other ways we identify ourselves. We believe who you are is worth celebrating. These beliefs are foundational to all our work. We advocate for and support schools, districts, and school communities on their journeys toward educational equity. We also invest our time and money in ongoing internal equity and anti-racism efforts. Our goal is to provide a welcome, inclusive, and supportive environment for every member of our staff.


What is the big plan for this job?

Provide support for a variety of tasks, projects, teams, GSP staff and daily office operations. 


What will you be doing?

Our hiring process strives to screen in rather than out. We welcome your application even if you feel you are not strong in every qualification outlined below.


  1. Contributing to the overall function of the work environment. You will answer the phone, order supplies, assist with travel arrangements, and make sure staff have what they need to work effectively. You may be asked to provide occasional support to Directors or Managing Directors and will serve on key committees and teams in order to best support staff.

  2. Provide direct support for GSP staff. You will need to fulfill requests from senior associates for contracts and projects. This may include printing and photocopying, shipping materials, ordering supplies, booking travel, transcribing notes, providing occasional Zoom support for virtual events, and maintaining and organizing project files.  This may also  include managing budgets, tracking registrations, creating forms, and making all related information to a particular project easy to locate and retrieve for future application.

  3. Organizing and managing events. GSP offers a variety of virtual and in-person events that give educators the opportunity to come together in various ways for learning and collaboration. Some events require fees, specific materials, digital tools, travel logistics, and off-site coordination. All events require thorough planning with attention to design and delivery. The project associate works behind the scenes to ensure a successful experience for participants and fellow colleagues. 

  4. Coordinating and preparing effective communications. You’ll be working with staff to draft and coordinate correspondence both internally and externally to communicate important content related to organizational priorities, events, and project updates.

  5. Ensuring the quality of all documents and resources. GSP staff collectively develop a variety of resources frequently used by educators. One of the primary roles of the project associate is to help design clear and user-friendly documents and resources. You will be asked to give feedback, edit, and format project-specific documents and materials and coordinate revision processes for tools and resources featured on our website.


What qualities do I need to succeed in this role?

  • You share our commitment to equitable education for every student. This is a job, but it is more than just filling in your time. You need to be committed to public education and believe that by improving the quality of learning we can improve the life-long outcomes of our students and fundamentally and positively impact the lives of everyone in our communities.

  • Teammates matter. You know that collaboration can create better outcomes. You are dependable with colleagues, supportive of others, and able to tackle a challenge together. You value diversity, respect different ideas, and openly address concerns with your colleagues.  The project associate may serve on various teams and smaller committees and task forces within the organization.

  • You are organized and detail-oriented and you get stuff done. You have strong self-motivational skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of various teams. You are able to prioritize and work with colleagues to set up reasonable deadlines in order to allow for some flexibility and adjustment along the way. You proactively reach out to coaches and offer support for specific tasks

  • You understand the value of both verbal and written communication.  You are just as comfortable picking up the phone as you are writing an email or formal letter to communicate with clients, vendors and staff. We have the ability to build strong relationships in our communications.

  • You are a problem-solver.  Staff will reach out for specific requests, advice, and resources. You should be prepared to dig deeper to find out how information will be used. You are comfortable in seeking out advice and value the notion that with more ideas there are more solutions.

  • Technology is your friend. You have extensive knowledge of Google suite and Zoom. As new technology rolls out, you are able to seek out, problem-solve, respond to requests for better tools, and continue to learn and integrate these new opportunities. You are prepared to take on a role of technical support and assistance.

  • You are prepared for shared leadership. GSP has structures for shared leadership teams. The project associate should expect to serve on various leadership teams and smaller committees and task forces within the organization which may include teams such as: finances, operations, procurement, development, communications. 

  • You get energized when engaged in new personal growth opportunities. You enjoy developing new skills and are not afraid of ambiguity.



You will be based in the GSP office in Portland, Maine. This role will require daily work, Monday through Friday, in the GSP office.   


Each role at Great Schools Partnership is placed in a compensation band with 7 levels. This role sits within band 1. The midpoint of this band is $46,500. Starting salary range for this position is $43,098 - $46,500. The actual level of the successful candidate (and corresponding salary) will be based on compensable factors such as job-relevant education, job-relevant experience, training, licensure, demonstrated competencies, and other factors. Great Schools Partnership does not negotiate the offered salary during the offer conversation. Throughout the interview process, we will evaluate your alignment with the compensable factors listed in the job description. From there, we will determine your starting salary on a level within the job band. 

GSP covers full cost of health insurance for each staff member, 50% of costs of family health insurance, an additional 2.5% of salary contributed to a 403(b) retirement plan, an additional 4.5% of salary into a flex fund for health care or retirement, four weeks of vacation, five personal days, six sick days, nine holidays, tuition reimbursement, and eight weeks of paid parental leave. 

GSP is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against candidates on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, or veteran status. Women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and members of other minority or marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Come Join Us!

Submit your application HERE.  Once in the application form, you will be asked to provide information regarding your application, upload your resume, and answer four questions (200 words or less for each response): 

  1. How do you stay organized when juggling multiple projects consisting of many tasks and responsibilities?

  2. Describe your familiarity with organizing events or meetings either in-person or virtually. If this is a new area for you, what is it about planning events that interests you the most?

  3. When you review the job description, which skills do you feel most confident performing immediately?

  4. What experiences have you had that make you interested in submitting your application?

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Review date starting October 25th, 2023. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position has been filled.


Start Date:  As soon as possible though no later than Dec. 1, 2023

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Salary Information

Each role at Great Schools Partnership is placed in a compensation band with 7 levels. This role sits within band 1. The midpoint of this band is $46,500. Starting salary range for this position is $43,098 - $46,500.