Advanced Python Engineer

  • Research Affiliates LLC
  • Newport Beach, CA, USA
  • Jul 31, 2020
Full time Computer Science Engineering Financial Services Research

Job Description


We are a small team of software engineers passionate about building fast, lean, and robust Python code. We use the newest versions of Python 3, and broadly employ modern language features and libraries such as type hints, generators, decorators, functools, itertools, and collections. We use high-performance libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and StaticFrame. Although we do not write much C, we understand Python at the C level. To increase code quality and knowledge transfer, we spend significant time reading and discussing each other's code. We tame large datasets filled with noise and irregularity, and develop reusable approaches to data pipelining, caching, and numerical processing. We test everything we write, and practice continuous integration and continuous deployment. We develop on Linux and deploy via Ansible and Supervisor. We take the time to refine old code, find optimal designs, and invest in building powerful, general-purpose tools, some of which we have open-sourced (see As well-rounded engineers, we participate in all aspects of the development process.

We are the core engineering team at Research Affiliates, a global leader in innovative indexing and asset allocation strategies. We build the tools that construct our production investment strategies; we craft and maintain a growing network of applications for processing portfolios and financial data, from back-end reporting to front-end comparison and analysis.

We are looking for software engineers who share our interests.


We believe a positive corporate culture is vital to our success. We place great value on collaboration, curiosity, responsibility, and authenticity. In hiring, we seek people who embrace these values. The result is a friendly, collegial workplace where diversity is embraced, strong opinions are loosely held, and disagreements do not become personal. Our CEO, Katrina Sherrerd, discusses our culture in this article:


We offer resources to help you pursue activities that drive your personal growth and creativity, including work in open source and advanced education. Funding to attend conferences, including PyCon, is available. We have a comfortable office near the ocean with daily catered lunches. Salary is commensurate with experience and education, and is competitive with top tech firms. In addition, we offer employer-matched 401k and charitable donation programs. Relocation assistance is available.

  • Attend conferences.
  • Time for professional development.
  • Contribute to and release open source code.
  • Comfortable office near the ocean with daily catered lunches.
  • Excellent benefits, compensation, and bonus opportunities.
  • Develop with Python 3 on Linux.


-  Substantial experience with Python (knowledge of the libraries we use is beneficial but not required).
-  A bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science or a related field.


Financial Analysis-Research-Reporting,   General-Other: IT-Software Development,   General-Other: Engineering,   Investment Management,   Systems-Process Engineering,   Software Quality Assurance,   Software-Web Development