Sterile Processing Supervisor

  • SpecialtyCare Inc
  • Seattle, WA, USA
  • Feb 15, 2020

Job Description

Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Category: Sterile Processing
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Posted Date: 30 minutes ago

Passionate, driven people dedicated to making adifference in healthcare.

SpecialtyCare sterileprocessing teams play a vital role in the health and wellbeing of ourpatients. By tracking and sterilizing vital surgical instruments, we reduce therisk of infection, lost instruments, incomplete trays, and surgeon frustration.Our certified technicians provide the expertise, quality control, and strictregulatory compliance to keep the operating room running smoothly. Our SPMsupervisors and managers are also instrumental in overseeing operations,conducting inservice training, and working with hospital administrators andstaff to find and implement efficiencies that provide ontime service delivery,reduce costs, and ensure patient safety.

Job Summary

As a Sterile Processing Supervisoryou are responsible for leading and managing the day to day efforts of thesterile processing team at your facility. It is your responsibility to ensure client satisfaction while alsoadhering to the highest quality and compliance standards.
  • Assure that the standards ofoperation of the department comply with the standards set by regulatoryagencies, such as the state Department of Health, Joint Commission and otherregulatory agencies.
  • Sterilize instruments, equipment,linen and supplies using various types of autoclaves. Load autoclaves in prescribed manner and setcontrols to specified time and temperature according to the type of items beingsterilized.
  • Complete appropriate documentationrecords prior to sterilization and after sterilization is completed.
  • Assemble all instrument proceduretrays, packs, supply carts following prescribed manner using protocol contentlists as a guide, mark items with identifying data and distribute or store indesignated areas.
  • Dispense products requested byverbal, written or telephone requisitions for equipment and supplies.
  • Identify and assign priority toemergency requisitions and required supplies and equipment based on knowledgeof procedure requested.
  • Replace lost or damaged instrumentsas required to complete the tray.
  • Obtain, complete and submit allforms following the prescribed manner to verify appropriate work assignments.
  • Maintain assigned work areas andequipment in a clean and organized condition to maintain required standards forhandling of sterilized, clean materials and equipment.
  • Motivates staff and promotes anenvironment for interdisciplinary team approach to achieve the goals of thehospital and SpecialtyCare.
  • May perform other work relatedduties as assigned.

  • Associate'sDegree or equivalent, preferred.
  • Threeyears of sterile processing management experience.
  • CRCSTcertification or CBSPDS certification required.
  • Musthave the ability to teach and have demonstrated ability in written and oralcommunications and interpersonal skills.

The SuccessfulCandidate

Thesuccessful candidate must bring a high level of ethical, intellectual,professional and personal values that complement the team and companyvision. The following competencies arehighly valued:
  • Strongrelationship builder with exceptional interpersonal skills that can influenceperceptions, decisions and actions of others through effective communicationsboth within the organization and externally.
  • Provenselfstarter who works well both independently and in a team environment.
  • Highenergy, selfmotivated individual whose style is effective in working with alllevels of the organization to drive performance and continuous improvementusing an analytical and metrics based approach.
  • Provenleadership and team building abilities.
  • Workswell in a fastpaced environment and with a sense of urgency.
  • Livesthe SpecialtyCare Values Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Sense of Urgency,Continuous Improvement, and Accountability.


SpecialtyCareis committed to supporting professional growth for our associates. Eachassociate is allocated funds for continuing education, membership fees, anddues for professional associations. We also provide tuition reimbursement ortuition repayment assistance. We providea full benefits package including a matching 401K and generous PTO plan. Wealso cover the cost of maintaining certification.

SpecialtyCareis an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer
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