Behavioral Analyst (BCBA)

$65,000 - $70,000 yearly
  • Swan Consulting Inc
  • Clovis, CA, USA
  • Nov 07, 2019
Professional Services

Job Description

A BCBA Supervisor consults, conducts behavioral evaluations of clients and designs behavior and individual support plans for clients. The BCBA Supervisor is required to adhere to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts.

Responsibilities of the Behavioral Analyst:

  • Applies behavioral principles consistently in all client interactions.
  • Supports all members of the staff and assists with ideas, suggestions and work duties.
  • Conducts in-home supervision bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Actively participates in staff training programs designed to increase overall skills.
  • Develops program plans and other instructional activities as well as running programs weekly to insure mastery and gather inter-rater reliability data.
  • Writes progress reports, and other requested written assignments related to the clients progress.
  • Assists in creating instructional materials, running programs, taking data and assessing clients in the development of new programs relating to the clients functional and education needs.
  • Observes records, and reports the condition and behavior of the clients, including maintaining daily records.
  • Functions as an active member of the treatment team meetings and supervision.
  • Works with clients, consultants, staff, families, and community to implement client's treatment plans.
  • Consistently implements behavior plans to reduce client's socially inappropriate behavior and promote appropriate social behaviors.
  • Effectively responds to and manages crisis situations which may include client physical aggression.
  • Completes daily paperwork and data collection notes in a detailed, accurate, consistent and timely manner.
  • Follows all TA policies and procedures, works well with others and ability to take direction.

Company Benefits for the Behavioral Analyst:

  • Opportunity to collaborate with other BCBAs and BCBA-D
  • Onsite clinical admin support
  • Clincal based environment with the oppournity to support social skills groups, parent training, and individualized 1:1 services.
  • Health benefits includes medical, dental and vision.
  • Paid time off includes vacation, sick and holiday pay.
  • Flexible monthly billable hours recommendation
  • Continuing Education Reimbursement Program