Miss Hall's School

Founded in 1898, Miss Hall’s School was one of the first all-girls boarding schools established in New England. Today the School is a nationally recognized, boarding and day independent secondary school that combines an exceptional college-preparatory curriculum with two acclaimed leadership programs, Horizons and the Girls’ Leadership Project. Both programs are central to our belief that, in addition to outstanding academic preparation, girls need additional skills that allow them to step confidently into college and beyond, when they will be expected to communicate effectively and authentically, voice opinions with resolve and respect, and be comfortable having influence, leading change, and contributing boldly and creatively to the common good.

May 17, 2023
Full time
Miss Hall's School Pittsfield, MA, USA
Applications Accepted Starting ASAP Application Review Starting May 30 Job Summary Miss Hall’s School seeks a full-time School Counselor for the 2023-24 school year. The School Counselor helps students to manage the social, emotional, and personal challenges of adolescent development.  Through individual counseling, classroom wellness curricula, schoolwide programming, and consultation, the School Counselor supports students in developing emotional awareness, healthy coping strategies, and interpersonal skills. As we serve a student population diverse in many ways, Miss Hall’s encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply for this position. Miss Hall’s School inspires and encourages each girl to pursue the highest standards of learning and character; to contribute boldly and creatively to the common good; and to seek a purposeful life based on honor, respect, growth, and personal authenticity. At Miss Hall’s School, we champion social...