Habitus Incorporated

Our mission at Habitus Incorporated is to serve organizations doing systems level work on environmental sustainability and social justice with the negotiation and conflict resolution skills that will allow them to increase their impact. We offer training, facilitation, coaching and mediation services. We are currently a three person team with a fantastic network of subcontractors and partners who help us fulfill our mission. We’re proud to be a certified B Corp which means we balance mission-driven purpose with profit by taking into consideration the impacts of our decisions on workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Our goal is to build a diverse team committed to having a positive impact on the world. We know that doing that means fostering a company culture that welcomes and supports team members from diverse backgrounds. People of Color, trans and gender nonconforming/nonbinary people, people from poor and working class backgrounds, parents or people with dependents and women are encouraged to apply. 

Habitus Incorporated practices self management. This is a system of organizational management that prioritizes autonomy, trust, and transparency. Individual employees have a set of roles and responsibilities for which they have full decision making authority. Important company decisions get made by a circle of employees that includes all full time employees. We do not currently have any part time employees. Should you join Habitus as a part time employee, we would rethink how part time employees are included in company decision making. Self management is based on the book Reinventing Organizations by Frederick Laloux. You can learn more about the system here: http://reinventingorganizationswiki.com/Main_Page.