Town of Cary

Town of Cary - The Organization 

Service is our only product at the Town of Cary, where more than 1,000 staff members in more than 275 jobs strive each day to be the best local government in North Carolina.

Vision and policy rest with the mayor and six Town Council members whom Cary citizens elect to four-year terms. The Town manager is ultimately responsible for implementation of the council's vision.

We approach our work with energy and commitment and with encouragement to be innovative, responsive and efficient. We believe in treating others with dignity and respect as we strive to meet, even exceed, citizens' expectations.

Cary, N.C. - The Community We Serve

Located in the heart of the state's renowned Research Triangle Park region, Cary offers a quality of life second to none in North Carolina.

Once a small bedroom community to nearby Raleigh and Durham, today's Cary is the seventh largest municipality in the state with more than 140,000 residents. Two thirds of adults have a college degree and half have school-aged children.

Cary is home to world-class businesses as well as the most popular national retail stores. Our citizens enjoy tree-lined streets, exquisitely maintained buildings and grounds, and more than 20 parks linked by more than a dozen miles of greenways and trails.

Thanks to nationally accredited police and fire departments as well as emergency medical services, Cary is consistently rated as one of the safest places in America.

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action

The Town of Cary is dedicated to equality of opportunity. Accordingly, we do not practice or condone discrimination, in any form, against employees or applicants on the grounds of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, pregnancy, political affiliation or mental or physical abilities except where physical or mental abilities, sex, or age are legitimate occupational qualifications. We are subject to, and comply with, the Americans with Disabilities Act.