Safe & Reliable Healthcare [S&R] is a pioneer in reducing medical errors and the devastating harm that they cause to patients, providers, staff, and hospitals. 

Over the last two decades, our leaders and expert teams have led successful and well-publicized patient safety and high reliability transformations across highly branded health systems and entire regions including the UK, Scotland and Michigan. These have sustained and published:

  • >20% reductions in mortality 
  • >50% reduction in all cause patient harm
  • >40% reduction in readmissions 
  • 10-30%+ improvements in culture, engagement, and burnout
  • >40% reductions in voluntary staff turnover
  • >80% reductions in patient complaints 
  • >$110M in direct cost reductions

To help our clients achieve this impact, S&R brings together world-class technology, culture, strategy and improvement expertise to deliver data-driven patient safety and high reliability solutions: 

1. SCORE Integrated Survey and People Analytics Platform

SCORE is the field’s leading and most outcomes-predictive survey with the strongest validity measures in the field. SCORE’s burnout benchmark is the largest in the world with >1M respondents. 

2. LENS real-time Improvement Boards

Accessible from any connected device, our LENS software helps healthcare teams to identify, track and complete local improvement projects that improve patient safety and overall operations, while building community, joy in work and resilience. LENS also helps local teams connect to organizational strategy, helping to align resources and initiatives.

3. Strategy Consulting and High Reliability Training

We partner with Boards and the C-Suite to define “where to play, how to win” imperatives to improve outcomes and experience for both patients and caregivers. We then embed clinical practitioners of high reliability science to help train and coach leaders, managers and local teams on how to achieve transformation using SCORE, LENS and other strategies that we have developed and published in the literature. This includes our framework for high reliability transformation that we co-developed and published with the Institute of Healthcare Improvement [IHI] and The Joint Commission, and is anchored in experience across more than 1000 client hospitals and facilities. 

As a result, our software products have gained global recognition and accreditation across the healthcare continuum.