Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI)

About EDGI:

The Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI) is an international network of caring and committed members, primarily volunteers, from more than 30 different academic institutions and 10 non-profit or grassroots organizations, as well as a broad spectrum of other work and life backgrounds. We analyze federal environmental data, websites, institutions, and policy with the aim of improving environmental data stewardship and promoting environmental health and environmental justice. We work in collaboration with other organizations and communities concerned about climate change, science policy, good governance, and environmental and data justice.

EDGI working groups:

  • Monitor changes to tens of thousands of web pages across U.S. federal agencies (such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy) to trace how environmental data, information, and their presentation change. 
  • Interview long-time federal employees to provide a human and nuanced perspective on impacts of the current administration on agencies.
  • Run public campaigns on and analyze environmental, energy, and climate policy and regulation, focusing on changes in agencies’ governance of scientific information and data.
  • Develop community-driven processes for archiving, stewarding, and sharing data (especially environmental data), with the aim of building just and sustainable relationships between data and communities.
  • Recognize the many conflicting justice concerns that data manifests and aim to bring together research communities to struggle together across these differences with a commitment to intersectional justice.

EDGI is a distributed collaboration operating under the fiscal sponsorship of the non-profit, Public Lab, with volunteer members across North America.