In a perfect world, there would be no need for non-profits, advocacy groups, or electoral parties, but until that day, people with progressive values will continue working towards a fairer and more just society. Many of those same groups working for change do not have the skills and ability to build their teams appropriately or equitably. As individuals and as a team we are dedicated to helping create that future, while also creating a company that supports our own staff.

At Meso, we believe that real progressive change is the result of thousands of people working hard every day, in ways both small and large. Most of those people are “behind the scenes,” but we know how important they are to achieving our goals. Our partner's success is our success, and that can only happen with passionate, talented, and hard-working people having the opportunities to impact the world.


Many of the organizations and companies fighting for progressive change have limited resources, and hiring can consume dozens of hours of valuable time, in addition to valuable money and resources. We know they may need help to get everything done. That’s why we established Meso Solutions — to help organizations fill every role, not just the executive role.