Daytop Village of NJ

Shift Supervisor

Daytop Village of New Jersey, Inc. is seeking a Shift Supervisor at the Mendham location to join their high performing team. The Shift Supervisor is responsible for the successful implementation of therapeutic community concepts. The Shift Supervisor will ensure that the structure is followed and adhered to in a timely manner.


The Shift Supervisor will ensure that staff members are completing their job responsibilities as assigned and assessing compliance to those duties including, but not limited to:

  • Ensure staff members are in appropriate work areas to make sure all residents are properly supervised at all times.
  • Ensure staff members are making runs on the facility.
  • Ensure staff to resident ratio standards are being met.
  • Ensure staff members are orientating residents in and out of the facility as needed and are aware of all residents locations at all times.

The Shift Supervisor will ensure that all paperwork requirements and communication are handled completely, including but not limited to:

  • Communication blog entries
  • Turnover
  • Outstanding incident reports

The Shift Supervisor will be in direct communication with Facility Director or their designee regularly on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Shift schedule
  • Problems / suggestions with structure
  • Issues rising to the level of director-on-call situations
  • Training needs for individual or all staff to improve overall work performance
  • Staff competency and feedback for annual employee evaluation.

The Shift Supervisor will ensure staff receive their appropriate shift break time.


The Shift Supervisor will have knowledge of Daytop NJ treatment philosophy and mission. He/she will have knowledge of clinical licensure and accreditation standards and knowledge of agency method of Performance Improvement. The Shift Supervisor will have knowledge of drugs used by adolescents and conduct drug screens as appropriate. The Shift Supervisor will know Daytop’s definition of contraband and procedures if found. He/she will understand HIPAA/42CFR and know the Daytop Code of Ethics. The Shift Supervisor will have knowledge of high risk issues including, but not limited to, sentinel events.

Salary commensurate with experience; EOE; bi-lingual A+

Interested applicants should e-mail or fax resume to: Ellen Bewalder Director of HR Fax:  862-260-9460 Ext. 1004 Email: