White's Residential and Family Services

About White’s

For more than 160 years, White’s has helped families in crisis, in transition and in need of support through its accredited and comprehensive continuum of community- and home-based services, foster care, adoption and residential treatment programs. Our statewide network of facilities and seasoned providers allows us to support children, teens and families with a variety of services when they need it, wherever they may need it. No family is exempt from tough times; it’s a hard time to be a parent and a hard time to be a teen.

At its core, White’s provides hope for children, teens and families by offering services which challenge them to live lives of character, stability and service to others.

The History of White’s

White’s is based on a strong, 160-year plus tradition of serving at-risk children, teens and families.

In the mid-1800s, Quaker railroad entrepreneur Josiah White, who lost his father at just four years old, drafted and funded a plan to help “the most deserted of children.” His goal was to help children in need obtain a quality education, grow in their spiritual development, and gain valuable work experience. More than 160 years later, White’s is living out the mission and vision of Josiah White, serving children, teens and families who are experiencing challenging times.

White’s has grown from its founding in 1850 to become one of Indiana’s largest nonprofit social services agency serving children, teens and families, with seven offices around the state, including residential campuses in Wabash and Wheatfield, Ind.