Video Corporation of America

VCA has been offering full-scale, integrated technology solutions to organizations across a variety of vertical markets long before “Telepresence” “Unified Communications,” “Digital Workflow” ,“Scalable Technology” and “ITAV Convergence” were buzzwords. We understand that today’s business leaders require technology that works the way they work and helps advance the organization’s mission.

We design, engineer, integrate, manage and maintain technology systems for a workforce that is increasingly tech-savvy, results-oriented and mobile.

From Fortune 500 Companies and Universities to post production companies and broadcasters, our clients seek technology solutions that enable their people to communicate faster, more easily and with greater impact. We believe that technology when properly deployed will allow people to collaborate wherever and whenever they need to, thus creating a more agile, responsive and profitable business.

Our expertise in telepresence, IT/AV solutions, Unified Communications, post, acquisition and broadcast technology, allows us to provide a truly integrated communications platform, across a wide range of verticals.