The University of Connecticut Foundation Inc.


The mission of the UConn Foundation, Inc. is to solicit, receive, invest, and administer gifts and financial resources from private sources for the benefit of all campuses and programs of the University of Connecticut.

The Foundation operates exclusively to promote the educational, scientific, cultural, research and recreational objectives of the University of Connecticut. As the primary fundraising vehicle to solicit and administer private gifts and grants to enhance the University’s mission, the Foundation supports the University’s pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, and public service.


The UConn Foundation has a duty to observe the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. We safeguard privacy rights and confidential information. We do not grant or accept favors for personal gain, nor do we solicit or accept favors for their institutions where a higher public interest would be violated. We avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interest and, if in doubt, seek guidance from appropriate authorities.

The UConn Foundation wholeheartedly supports the mission of the University of Connecticut and its dedication to excellence through research, teaching, service, and outreach.