United Way of Pierce County

United Way of Pierce County has embarked on a search for a visionary leader who has the
relationship and leadership skills to be its next VP of Development. Looking to the future,
professional staff and Board of Directors have forged a bold path focusing on early childhood
development, early grade excellence and strengthening families, a path that is expected
to pay huge dividends in the lives of Pierce County’s children and families. Included
in that path, United Way will continue to support programs that provide Basic Needs and
Support Services for Pierce County’s most vulnerable citizens.
In its 2014-2018 strategic plan the Board of Directors of UWPC has focused efforts on
young children and families. That decision reflects national research that an early investment
in the young child will have a far greater return on investment over that child’s lifetime.
UWPC’s leadership has helped build powerful partnerships and collaborations over
the years that have engaged government, private foundations and corporations in addressing
community problems and that will be critical to the initiatives around young children
and families.