The William D. Ruckelshaus Center

The William D. Ruckelshaus Center is a joint effort of the University of Washington and Washington State University that helps parties develop solutions to public policy issues in the Pacific Northwest.

Nov 02, 2022
Full time
The William D. Ruckelshaus Center Hybrid (Seattle, WA, USA)
About the Center: The Ruckelshaus Center’s mission is to function as an impartial resource for collaborative problem solving in the State of Washington and Pacific Northwest. The Center is a joint effort of Washington State University and the University of Washington. The Center is hosted at the University of Washington by the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy and Governance and at Washington State University by WSU Extension (which also provides its administration). The Center is guided by an advisory board of prominent local, state, and regional leaders representing a broad range of constituencies and geographic locations. The mission of the William D. Ruckelshaus Center is to help parties involved in complex public policy challenges tap university expertise to develop collaborative, durable, and effective solutions. The Center envisions a future in which government leaders, policy makers, and community members routinely employ tools of collaborative decision-making to...