Department of Veterans Affairs Serious Mental Illness Treatment Resource and Evaluation Center (VA-SMITREC)

About SMITREC : One of four program evaluation centers in the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Mental Health Operations, our mission is to ensure implementation, monitoring, and integration of mental healthcare policies across the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). This involves ongoing assessments of VHA services with regard to access, efficiency, and quality of care for Veterans with mental health conditions; reducing negative variability in mental health services delivery; and developing and maintaining informatics tools, analyses, and reports to support quality improvement and program evaluation. SMITREC activities include ongoing programs of work in core domains, short-term projects conducted over a limited period of weeks or months, and brief assessments to address specific questions . These include:

  • Risk concentration and assessments with suicide, mortality as outcomes
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of VHA mental health performance metrics
  • Monitoring care for patient subpopulations (serious mental illness, depression, dementia)
  • Assessing services utilization across age cohorts and lifespan
  • National Primary Care – Mental Health Integration Evaluation
  • Serious Mental Illness (SMI) Re-Engagement