Ties Drycleaners

  • Portland, OR, USA
We are a family owned business that has been in the Hollywood District since 1986. We  specialize in all aspects of the dry cleaning and laundry industry, while utilizing the most sophisticated machines available in the dry cleaning industry. We believe in offering our customers the type of care and process we would use as if we were to clean our own clothes, using all non toxic and chemical free solvents and products with various solutions that prolong the longevity of garments, rather than breaking down a garments material and color.  Ties cleaners cares for the environment and it shows!  An average dry cleaning facility uses millions of gallons a water each year. Some cleaners are known to cut corners in order to save huge costs in water bills and sewage charges. This means their customers clothes are being washed in half cycles, or being shoved into one big wash so tight that clothes are not being properly washed or sanitized. The results are more than shocking! Imagine wearing your clothes that have thousands of other customers dead skin and soapy detergent. Your clothes literally have been soaked and washed inside a big bucket of other people's sweat and all sorts of unhealthy and unsanitary stains. At Ties we never cheat our customers out of a full 1.5 hour cycle and have no pressures of having high water bills to keep us from providing the best service in the most sanitary process, by being the one and only dry cleaners that has our own built in water recycling plant.  We built a roof top water tower that is connected to a huge water drum that actually redirects all our water through a sophisticated filtering system that allows for us have the ability to filter and recycle our own water with unlimited resources or use. We are also one of the very few dry cleaners across the United States that has invested in the top of the line dry clean machine only available to those who go through a very strict screening and training along with the capability to invest in having the unit shipped straight from their plant in Germany. Each bought machine needs to be bought and shipped from Europe, which means that every new unit comes delivered with its own engineer that makes sure it arrives safely, and is installed correctly and all owners are fully trained and looked after once usage begins. We care for our clothes as much as we care for our customers clothes. 
We also offer same day service, and have a one day turn around on all garments. We offer specials and discounts everyday of the week and have full open hours on Saturdays for those who need a extended time to come in. We have a onsite full service alteration department, offer cleaning and special treatment and care for wedding gowns and vintage clothing. We offer bulk laundry cleaning and folding service. And if you need your leather garment or a rug to be cleaned we make sure that your items are sent out to these specialists ourselves so that you have no extra time wasted in driving to another location for service. We don't overcharge our customers by 400% in profit for items that cost less then a dollacr to clean. So that is why we have kept our laundry of men's shirts service at a dollar for many years. Attention to Ties you will never pay more than a dollar for a regular men's Cotten button down shirt to be cleaned, starched(if prefer starch), pressed and bagged, ready for pickup all for a dollar. 
No matter what kind of cleaning you need, please remember Ties as your choice of cleaners! If your looking for the best in cleaning your garments where else can you think of now that can compete with our cleaning process and ethical standards? Thank you for your time and for the chance to introduce ourselves!