Rice Fergus Miller

For almost three decades, we have committed our practice to performing meaningful projects – ones that build and strengthen community. Housed in a reclaimed auto service center that is one of the most energy efficient buildings in the United States, Rice Fergus Miller blends the personal aspirations of its staff members with a vision for a sustainable community. We are an architecture, interior design, planning, and vizlab firm of 40+ that focus on five main markets: senior living, healthcare, fire and emergency services, hospitality, and community projects. We like creative collaborations with involved clients and users -- those who participate in the design decisions that will affect their operations. 

Building long-term relationships with clients has become fundamental to our practice. The structures we build, the products we use, the way we practice business, and the food we eat all play crucial roles in the health of our environment, but true sustainability is rooted in community, for communities rely on a healthy environment to thrive.  Vital communities need three things to exist: Place, People, and History or Heritage.  These three things are synergistically connected; the place, or environment, we live in influences our actions, our actions define our history/heritage, and our ownership of this history determines how we treat our Place.   Through this circle of events we have the power and the choice to build strong communities that will sustain our future generations.

Good reputations are gained over time and we are proud that our clients have endorsed our commitment to excellent service and great buildings.