Barfly Ventures

BarFly Ventures is the parent company of HopCat, Stella's Lounge, Grand Rapids Brewing Co. and McFadden's of Grand Rapids. BarFly was founded by Mark Sellers in 2008 after the opening of HopCat in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to its four locations in Grand Rapids, BarFly owns and operates 7 additional HopCat locations in Ann Arbor, Detroit, East Lansing, Indianapolis, Madison, Wisconsin, and Lexington, Kentucky and Lincoln, Nebraska. BarFly isn't your typical restaurant/bar company. We recycle and compost up to 90 percent of the waste we generate. We provide health insurance to all of our full-time employees. We even do fun stuff like taking BarFly family members who work with us for four years on a big trip somewhere. We care deeply about the people we work with, the world we live in, the communities where we operate and, most importantly, the guests we get to serve each day.