Flamboyan Foundation

About Flamboyan Foundation
Flamboyan Foundation envisions a day when children in Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico receive a world-class education. To make this vision a reality, Flamboyan brings strategic leadership and investment of time and money to solve some of the most deeply rooted educational challenges. We study the issues and work with our partners to develop creative solutions and put ideas into practice. We constantly learn from our experiences and adapt our work accordingly. The cornerstone of Flamboyan’s approach is hands-on, purposeful collaboration with nonprofits, school districts, educators, government and community leaders who share our commitment to and focus on achieving ambitious results to improve children’s learning.
In Washington, D.C., we are working to improve student outcomes by transforming the way families and educators work together. Research consistently shows family engagement accelerates student learning. However, districts, schools and teachers often do not know how to best partner with families and provide the information and support needed to help children succeed. We work with educators and other partners to learn about the most effective approaches to family engagement. We then build the capacity of teachers, school leaders and districts by providing the training, resources and on-the-ground support they need. We also invest in education advocacy efforts that enable families to attain the best possible public education for their children.
Our Core Values
People. We believe in the power, dignity, value, potential, and good intent of all people.
Equity.  We challenge ourselves, one another, and our partners to collaborate to identify and eliminate the barriers faced by historically underserved populations [so that everyone has the same access, consideration, respect, and opportunity].
Impact.  We create lasting, meaningful social change.
Catalytic action. We pursue our goals with passion and urgency and activate others internally and externally to carry our work even further.
For more information please visit www.flamboyanfoundation.org.