• United States
Kenneth Lynch
Kennesaw, Georgia
Cellular 404-242-9390
Employment gap, September 2015- June 4, 2016, caretaker for terminally ill Father in Florida.
ALCON (Novartis)
Production B Operator 7/2014-9/2015
Johns Creek, Georgia
· Cataloged, identified, tagged, transported, and documented raw material, to and from production line.
· Continually searched, and drove improvement in all aspect of duties.
· Cleaned, sanitized, assembled, and adjusted, process equipment per approved SOP’s/cGMP. (“Trouble shoot” and assist Maintenance, in specialty projects)
· Used, Synergy/Scada/ and SAP, to identify, document, and catalog, production, and downtime.
· Transported materials throughout facility, following cGMP. (Forklift, pallet-jack)
· Set-up, operate, monitor and calibrate process equipment, including dosing tips, purging (cleaning rounds), and addition of raw materials.
· Performed preventive maintenance to machine. CIL (clean, inspect, and adjust)
· Review, study, and update Sops, understand and adhere to cGMP’s and study guides.
· Performed Changeover duties. (Changed molds, cleaned and repaired cuvettes)
· Used Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) to coordinate goals, communicate, and store data.
COCA-COLA (part-time)
Production Operator   1/2014-2/2015
Marietta, Georgia
· Monitored, set-up, operate, and troubleshoot high speed equipment, and documented readings, yield, and downtime.
· Inspected lines, performed changeovers, adjustments, and quality checks.
· Sort, weigh, handle, load, and unloaded (Raw and finished) material, with pallet-jack, and forklift on and off production line.
· Performed cleaning and sanitation of equipment, production floor, and line.
· Initiated training and improvement programs throughout facility.
· Performed inspections of equipment, tanks, work practices, and processes. (Input into database)
· Inventory, weigh raw materials, and finished product. Tag, document, and log into SAP.
· Compiled samples of raw material, and finished product, then transported to lab.
· Unloaded tankers, and trailers using proper PPE, grounding cables and pumps.(Including Ammonia, corrosives, acids, non-hazardous material)
· Used Microsoft Office,(Word, Excel, Outlook) to communicate and store data.
Employment gap, February 12, 2012 –January 2014, recovery from auto accident, multiple surgeries, and litigation.
Plant Operator     7/2010-1/2012
Forest Park, Georgia
· Monitored, adjusted, and troubleshot, high speed production equipment.
· Set-up and performed autonomous maintenance on process equipment, and production line, to  perform ideally for each product.
· Identified, and adjusted PLC to perform ideally for each product.  (“Trouble shoot” and assist Maintenance in major repairs)
· Synergy/ SAP, identify and cataloged production, and downtime.
· Transported (Raw and finished) material throughout warehouse with forklift, and pallet-jack.
· Performed housekeeping, Clean and maintain area according to Iso9000
· Performed preventive maintenance to machine. CIL (clean, inspect, and lube
· Unloaded and loaded raw materials and finished goods, on and off trucks. (Including rail cars, and tankers.(Ammonia, acids, poisons and corrosives)
· Performed quality checks, and inventory audits.
· Initiated improvements, and suggestions for overall efficiency, production and safety.
Production/Forklift Driver/Shipping and receiving     4/2005-6/2010
Lithia Springs, Georgia
· Operator on Production/Assemble line. Attached various components with hand tools.
· Loaded and unloaded finished products from line, using fork-lift, pallet jack, and hoist.
· Performed routine adjustments and preventive maintenance on equipment. (Trouble shoot)
· Monitored and adjusted process equipment.
· Operated PLC, SAP, and recorded process, and production time.
· Initiated continuance improvement projects, and operated under 5S principles.
· Ordered material for line, and inventoried stock.
· Used Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) to communicate, catalog, and aid, in overall job functions.
· Back up Operator, for 3 different positions. (Molding, prep, and Quality station)
· Visually inspected finished product for quality, and compliance, tagged re-work.
· Logged in quality checks into data base, and pull off line if needed.
Manifest Clerk      10/2003-4/2005
Ellenwood, Georgia
· Verified weight, freight, truck routes, and cataloged HMDS
· Loaded/Unloaded truck, (forklift, and pallet-jack)
· Data entry, validated, and adjusted manifest (conveyed customer demands to driver)
· Adjusted loads to best fit driver and customer needs.
· Inspected trailer for safety and quality defects.
· Accessed customer complaints, and communicated with Loader, driver, and Management.
· Performed housekeeping duties in office, and Dock.
· Collected paperwork from dock, and entered into data base.
· Tracked down missing, and untagged freight
· Used Microsoft, (Outlook, Word Excel) to communicate and store date.
1991 Graduate of Eastside High School, Gainesville, Florida