Senior Maintenance Manager

  • Atlas Air, Inc
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Apr 17, 2019

Job Description

Job ID: 2019-2484
# of Openings: 1
Category: Technical Operations
City: Anchorage
State: AK
Company: Atlas Air, Inc


This position is responsible for managing all aspects of line maintenance at their assigned station(s) including contract maintenance personnel and maintenance managers.


  • Provides managerial oversight of Maintenance Managers and stations as
  • Periodically conducts analysis of flight schedules, past and future to match manpower to flight activity
  • Coordinates manpower and personnel schedules to provide adequate manpower coverage as needed to support aircraft line maintenance
  • Reviews all delays for improvement opportunities and tracks On-Time performance for assigned station(s).
  • Ensures the safe and efficient maintenance of company aircraft within their station / geographic area, in accordance with company policies, procedures and regulatory
  • Responsible for managing, coordinating and providing oversight for contract line maintenance personnel in their station(s) and geographic area as
  • Ensures personnel under their supervision are trained and qualified in accordance with GMM policies and
  • Monitors the training, qualifications and level of proficiency for maintenance personnel at assigned station(s) / geographic
  • Monitors Flight Schedules and fleet status to ensure best use of resources, ground time and aircraft
  • Coordinates line maintenance requirements with MCC, Workload Planning, Materials, Quality Control, and A/C Planning
  • Maintains surveillance of line maintenance activity at assigned station(s) / geographic
  • Coordinates resources and technical support as necessary in cases of major mechanical events or AOG
  • Improve efficiency and reliability by identifying recurring problems and recommending changes in
  • Responsible for coordinating the timely repair of deferred maintenance items on aircraft transiting assigned station(s) and/or geographic
  • Ensures shift turnover and work interruption procedures are followed to ensure incomplete maintenance work is completed before an aircraft is returned to
  • Ensures station(s) provide accurate and timely updates to MCC for maintenance and aircraft AOG status
  • Monitors maintenance history, AHM, Repeat Item and Oil Watch
  • Formulates corrective action plans for mechanical problems and deferred maintenance items in coordination with
  • Maintains communication with Regional Director to ensure cost effective
  • Ensures station(s) are performing timely entry of log page discrepancies and parts changes in
  • Ensures personnel in their assigned station(s) / geographic areas are versed in the use of the TRAX
  • Ensures station(s) are monitoring spare engine status and engine change kit
  • Maintains liaison with Ground Operations and Flight Operations to ensure safe and dependable
  • Enforces safety procedures and practices outlined in company manuals and industry
  • Performs duties and responsibilities at field locations away from home base as
  • Flies on company aircraft as assigned to support aircraft operations around the
  • Performs self-audits of station(s) / geographic area as
  • Develops and manages station(s) / geographic area budget(s).
  • Performs additional duties as


  • Must hold a current and valid FAA Mechanic Certificate with Airframe and Powerplant
  • Must maintain Atlas Air qualification and authorization for Airworthiness Release for aircraft assigned to station(s)/region.
  • Experience on 747/767 aircraft or equivalent wide body aircraft
  • Previous managerial experience