Dispatch / Ops Planning & Performance Engineer

  • Atlas Air, Inc
  • Miami, Florida
  • Apr 17, 2019
Professional Services

Job Description

Job ID: 2018-2238
# of Openings: 1
Category: Engineering
City: Miami
State: FL
Company: Atlas Air, Inc


Evaluate technical and performance aspects related to aircraft operations


  • Route Planning Analysis - Research flight routing based on historical data, airport conditions, aircraft characteristics, and selected routes.
  • Evaluate and formulate route studies from the Route Analysis for airport suitability, payload, range, fuel consumption, and time comparison.
  • Compile information from Route Analysis for various Company/Customer reports etc.
  • Maintain the Route Analysis database, which consists of route studies.
  • Determine geographic / operational feasibility of flight segments and routes.
  • Assist the Director or Manager of Performance Engineering in new operations, as well as evaluation/reevaluation of current system and operations as pertains to current ACMI Wet Lease customers and provide support in all phases and aspects of the Department.
  • Prepare Route Analysis data on short notice as a tool for marketing long-term / ACMI contracts.
  • Perform the airport analysis / pre-planning function including a review all the airports involved in a proposed operation (departure, destination, alternate, & intermediate) to ensure that they are suitable and/or adequate for planned operations.
  • Perform routine performance engineering and operations support functions, including but not limited to:
    • 24 Hour Maximum Payloads (Standard ACMI)
    • Ad Hoc / Customer Scheduled Maximum Payload Requests
    • Ad Hoc Block Time Requests
    • ACMI Permit Database Maintenance / Data Entry
    • 24 Hour NOTAM Check for New & Infrequent Stations
    • Airport Suitability Analysis completion
    • Route Building as required
    • Drift-down and Terrain Clearance Calculations for new route approvals
  • Performs other tasks as assigned by the Director or Manager Flight Operations Performance Engineering

Other Considerations :
  • This position will require, on a routine basis, to interface with the Marketing and Dispatch Departments to provide information (Route Analysis data) in a timely manner, on many occasions on short notice, as well as providing the link between Marketing Operations as this is the key to providing cost-effective service.
  • Will require shift work and on-call work.


  • Experienced in aircraft route planning in international operations preferred.
  • World-wide geographic familiarity with respect to jet airways and international flight planning.
  • Proficiency in computer flight preparation systems preferred.
  • Basic familiarity with Microsoft Office/Access/Excel Products.
  • Demonstrate good communication, negotiation, analytical, project/program management, problem-solving and customer service skills.
  • Must be highly organized, focused and able to multi-task and prioritize tasks with excellent attention to detail.
  • High initiative, results oriented with strong sense of urgency.
  • Must be a team player.
  • Must have the ability to quickly learn systems, processes, and procedures.
  • Must be flexible, willing to work weekends and be on-call.