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  • Great Schools Partnership
  • 482 Congress Street, Portland, ME, USA
  • Oct 18, 2018
Full time Communications

Job Description

About the Partnership

We are a dedicated and dynamic group of individuals who have joined together to create a more equitable and just education system in America. Located in downtown Portland, Maine, Great Schools Partnership staff work on a variety of small- and large-scale educational projects throughout Maine, New England, and the country. Working with educators, administrators, state agencies, community members, parents, and business leaders, we look to create schools were students own their learning, engage in deep work, and prepare themselves for their futures. We believe that each of us needs to be empowered to be creative, take initiative, think outside the box, work collaboratively, and assume leadership roles in the organization. For more detailed information about the Partnership and its work, visit

What’s the big plan with the job?

We do great work and believe that more effective sharing of this work will enable us to learn more, understand the impact of our work better, and provide more help to people who agree with our commitment to deeper learning, equity and fairness. This job—a new one for us—will coordinate our efforts to better share our work with as wide an audience as we can imagine.

What will I be doing?

  1. Telling the story of our work. You’ll work with the full staff to illustrate the best of our work and thinking. We’ve got some ideas about how to do this well, but you’ll be both creating and undertaking this task in the first year. We believe our collective story has to be told through the voices of all of our staff, teachers we work with, students they impact, communities that improve, and legislators who create better learning conditions.
  2. Enhancing our websites and creating a presence on social media. Our website is filled with resources frequently used by educators. But we know we can do better by incorporating social media strategies that enable us to engage with educators more directly as well as promoting educators to engage with other directly. Further, we believe our website can support parents and community members discovering how they can enhance learning for all students.
  3. Refining and supporting resource development. Our staff are incredibly talented and creative people who routinely create new processes and resources for our use in schools and communities.  Some of these tools go through further development to be shared via our website. You’ll be helping to edit, lay out and produce these tools along with other involved staff here at the Partnership.
  4. Engaging the media. Education news is part of the daily conversation in media outlets across the nation, sometimes presenting a clear and focused picture of events in our schools and other times presenting complex ideas with incomplete information. This isn’t done out of malice but is more usually caused by too much work, too little time, and too little information.  You’ll be helping GSP with our outreach to the media through press releases, email blasts, editorial board meetings, building relationships with reporters, and supporting the Glossary for Ed Reform website.

What skills and qualifications do I need to undertake this work?

  • You share our commitment to equitable education for every student. This is a job, but it is more than just filling in your time. You need to be committed to public education and believe that by improving the quality of learning we can improve the life-long outcomes of our students and fundamentally and positively impact the lives of everyone in our communities.
  • You can tell a great story. We certainly are looking for a great writer who can clearly and quickly share information, but we want to make sure you can move beyond putting your commas in the right places or adroitly use spell check. You need to be able to cogently present ideas in writing and verbally to a multitude of audiences. You need to be creative in developing new ways to share the work of GSP—both our many successes and our stumbles—in order to help others understand how to do this work well. We would assume you have a bachelor’s degree and have had experience using social media in a work setting.
  • You have unshakeable focus. As a non-profit looking to take a very public stand, we frequently find ourselves in the middle of complex public debates. While the executive director is responsible for representing the organization, you remain focused and attentive to the details of the work. When multiple pressing concerns arise, you are able to prioritize what needs to happen and when in order to reach a successful conclusion. And when ambiguity surrounds a situation, you can brainstorm ideas to implement when the appropriate pathway ahead is unclear.
  • You get stuff done. You have strong self-motivational skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of a close-knit team. You are able to tell when actions need supreme quality and you need to take the time to deliver versus activities that just need to get finished.
  • Technology is your friend. While your last job or your next job isn’t about developing websites, you know your way around updating a website, what makes websites work for the end user, and how social media can enhance the learning experience of users. You know that not everyone is entirely comfortable with technology and are empathetic enough to help and challenge your colleagues to deepen their skills. And as new technology rolls out, you are able to learn and integrate these new opportunities.
  • Teammates matter. Certainly, you can work on your own to see projects through to fruition, but you know that collective efforts and insight can create better outcomes. You are dependable with colleagues, supportive of others, and able to tackle a challenge together. You value diversity, respect different ideas, and openly address concerns with your colleagues.
  • Your glass is always full—even when only half of it is water. You know that not every day is a great day and everything doesn’t always turn out like we might have hoped. But you know that every day can be a learning day to do better tomorrow.

What does it mean to work at GSP?

We can be intense, humorous, hopeful, practical, and imaginative all in the same conversation. We believe work should be joyful, productive, and supportive. As members of GSP, each of us recognizes our own capacity for bias and because of this, our need for ongoing personal growth. We therefore agree to use these norms and commitments to help ourselves and our colleagues to achieve our vision.

  • Strive for Our Vision believing in possibility, seeking inspiration, developing our knowledge and skills, and pushing ourselves and others.
  • Cultivate Trust intentionally investing in interpersonal relationships, maintaining confidentiality, committing to transparency in communication and decision-making, and giving time, thought, and consideration to new ideas and different perspectives.
  • Collaborate Purposefully cultivating self-awareness and empathy, maintaining an inquiring mindset, respecting one another, and balancing structure and flexibility to meet the needs of the group or situation.
  • Foster Growth taking risks as individuals and as an organization, acknowledging bias within and among us to deepen our learning, and creating a supportive culture that allows each of us to speak our truth, experience discomfort, and accept non-closure.
  • Seek Balance encouraging ourselves and each other to maintain a healthy work/life balance.


While we are supportive of some level of telecommunications, you will be based in the GSP main offices in Portland, Maine. We would expect you to undertake your work from these offices unless you are out in the field undertaking various aspects of your work including collaborating with your colleagues.


GSP offers a competitive salary, health insurance, a 403(b) retirement plan, four weeks of vacation, and the usual holidays.

Come Join Us!

To apply send an email with the subject line “Communications Specialist” to and attach your resume, a cover letter, and list of three references. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Great Schools Partnership is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against candidates on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, or veteran status. Women, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and members of other minority or marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to apply.


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