YV LifeSet Specialist

  • Pressley Ridge
  • Pittsburgh, PA, United States
  • Nov 03, 2017
Full time Non-profit-Social Services Social Services Nonprofit-Social Services

Job Description

Position Summary

The YVLifeSet specialist is responsible for providing services to address the needs of young people 17-21 who are transitioning out of care and need individualized skill development and support to transition successfully into adulthood, specifically obtaining and maintaining safe and suitable housing, continuing their education, learning independent living skills, obtaining and maintaining employment, building a support system, and remaining free from legal involvement.

Essential Roles and Responsibilities 

1.         Assessment

To assure proper assessment the YVLifeSet Specialist will:

a.       gather and understand current and past psychosocial histories
b.      use a strength focused, solution based approach to provide comprehensive information for a service plan on a monthly basis
c.       assess risk factors related to safety and well-being of the young adult
d.      provide clinical direction that meet the needs of the young adult

2.         Service Plan development

To assure the development of effective treatment plan/services, the YVLifeSet Specialist will:

a.       plan and lead treatment team meetings for the purpose of creating service plans
b.      work with team members to develop ownership for the service plan
c.       write and utilize specific measurable goals, objectives, and time frames for each young adult
d.      develop crisis plan for each young adult

3.         Service Plan implementation

To assure the implementation and evaluation of effective treatment plans that fosters goal attainment, the YVLifeSet Specialist will:

a.       deliver  services outlined in the service plan
b.      monitor and record young adult’s progress
c.       provide advocacy for the young adult to outside agencies
d.      evaluate and reform goals and objectives as necessary
e.       provide support to young adults in times of crisis

4          Professional Relationships and Therapeutic Alliance

             To assure the development and maintenance of good working relationships, the YVLifeSet Specialist will collaborate with:

a.       young adult and their natural support system
b.      internal and external stakeholders
c.       program team members and
d.      supervisor and organizational support staff

5.         Quality Assurance & Compliance

            To assure adherence to quality standards and compliance with external licensing and regulatory agencies, the YVLifeSet Specialist will:

a.       comply with Pressley’s standards and state licensing requirements
b.      exemplify the values of the program service model
c.       complete all paper work in a timely and professional manner
d.      produce billable units that will meet the program’s requirements
e.       maintain flexibility and creativity in working a non-traditional schedule to accommodate the needs of children and families

6.         Professional development

a.      To assure continuous professional growth and development, the YVLifeSet Specialist will:actively participate in individual and/or group supervision and staff meetings

b.      Attend and participate in all required and other professional trainings

c.      Independently seek out resources and learning opportunities to foster ongoing professional growth



Mental Health, Social Service

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Essential Qualifications 

1.                  Education/Credentials/License:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in human services field required; Master’s Degree preferred
  • Valid  State Drivers License and insurance 

2.                  Experience:

  • At least one year of related supervised experience in counseling and/or case management is required for a bachelor's degree candidate.

 3.        Clearances:  State Police/FBI per state regulations; Child Protection

Working Conditions

1.      Physical Demands: Requires vision, speech, and hearing.
2.      Environmental Factors:  Requires extensive travel to client homes and throughout the community.  Work is performed primarily in client homes, where conditions may include tobacco smoke, domestic animals, household pests, mold and other allergens, and other conditions common to domestic environments.

Working Hours:  A non-traditional work schedule as defined by service needs.



Pressley Ridge follows a policy of nondiscrimination in all employment policies, practices and other aspects of employment. No distinctions are made in rates of pay or employment opportunities, including recruiting, hiring, training, benefits, promotions, transfers or treatment on the job on the basis of color, religious belief, sex, age, race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information or disability.